About the Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss

Thomas Sauerhoefer

Thomas Sauerhoefer

Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss is a 7 acre facility located in Northern California. It is a kennel owned by Thomas Sauerhoefer, a German Shepherd Breeder with over three decades of experience breeding, training and showing German Shepherd Dogs in both Germany and the United States. The German Dog Training Center is also the home training field for the Marysville Schutzhund Club, a very active GSDCA WDA club. The Marysville Schutzhund Club hosts an average of 3 Schutzhund trials a year, in addition to participating in community events and sponsoring AKC events like Canine Good Citizen testing. The club participates in events throughout the Northern California area, including Marysville, Yuba City, Grass Valley, Sacramento and San Francisco. Members come from all over Northern California to train at the facility.

We accept Visa & MastercardCredit card payments are now being accepted.  If you have any questions about making a payment, please give us a call at (530) 749-8861 or send an email to Thomas  Sauerhöefer.

The German Dog Training Center is located in Northern California and we are proud to be the premier suppliers of quality German Shepherd Dogs for families, family protection, personal and executive protection, sport dogs, Schutzhund dogs and police and other law enforcement agencies. We are centrally located and a quick drive for those located in the Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose, Redding, Sacramento, Grass Valley, Marysville, Yuba City, Ukiah, Sonoma and other Northern California towns. For those in Southern California cities like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Riverside, we can either arrange shipping or your new companion can be picked up at our facility with a slightly longer drive. For those out of state, we can arrange shipping or you can arrange to come to the facility to pick up your new pet.

Message from Thomas

My name is Thomas Sauerhoefer. I am a breeder of German Shepherds since 1980 in Germany. I am the President and founder of the Marysville Schutzhund Club, and a member of the SV in Germany, United Schutzhund Clubs of America, and the GSDCA-WDA.

I came to America over ten years ago from Germany. My goals are to help people obtain higher quality dogs through my breeding program and importing services and to offer the highest quality dogs for Schutzhund, show, family, and companion. I grew up with dogs all my life. When I was 10 our family got a wonderful boxer, and when I turned 16 we got a Rottweiler named Arko. A close friend of the family took him for schutzhund training because we needed a protection dog for our company. My interest and fascination with the sport of schutzhund took off. At age 18, I bought my first dog, a German Shepherd. I had fallen in love with the breed for their looks and intelligence.

I started my career in Schutzhund and Marysville dog training with Vasko, a German Shepherd with working bloodlines. I titled Vasko to a SchH 3 in only one year and then I bought a female named Banja and titled her to a SchH 3 too. After I got her titles and breed survey, I bred Banja to Vasko and had my first litter of pups. I kept a male pup from this breeding and named him Kim. I trained Kim to a SchH 3. I bred three more litters with Banja, always with good results.

One of the best training helpers in Germany was a member of my club and saw my love for the sport and talent for training dogs. He taught me everything about Schutzhund helper work. By the time I was 24, I started training dogs for other people, both working and show lines, because they also saw my talent for training.  Now I do Sacramento dog training and breeding.